Here's two interesting flies that I found near home. The quality of the pictures is very low since I still don't have the lens needed to get a better magnification...

The first one belongs to the family Acroceridae, known for a very singular reason: its members are parasitoids of...spiders. They are beautiful flies with their hunchback and tiny heads.
Cyrtus gibbus was the first Acroceridae that I ever found and this year, for the first time, I found Acrocera orbiculus. All the specimens were resting under the leafs of Quercus faginea and seemed to be common.
In the same spot (but resting on Osyris alba) I also saw one specimen of Ogcodes zonatus. Unfortunately, I couldn't take a picture or collect it at the time.

Usually, Medetera spp. are found on trees, rocks, walls... but this one (as others already recorded) were on the ground, preying Collembola.

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