Field trip to Almería (Spain)

Here is a very small sample of the species that I was able to see in Almería. But there is much more.
Almería, situated in Andalusia, is one of the most biodiverse and interesting regions in Europe, including protected areas like the Tabernas Desert, Cabo de Gata and Sierra Nevada.
In 4 days we visited, with the essential help of Faluke, very different habitats and, of course, saw many of its unique and various endemic species.
I was very happy to finally see in the field both C. europaea (unfortunately it was already too late to see its flowers) and T. theophrastus; Cephalodromia sp. and C. melleus were a complete surprise.
Later, I will upload more pictures, a list with the species identified, and I will write a little about them.

Tarucus theophrastus, Cephalodromia sp., Cyrtisiopsis melleus, Caralluma europaea (fruits)

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